Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little birdie......

So, I have this wreath on my front door. It has great sentimental value to me. It was sent to me when my Dad passed away (in 1992) by a very special friend. When Christmas was over this year, I took down my Christmas wreath and hung this one on my front door in place of it. Roger told me when I did it that it wasn't a good idea. It had always hung in the house before. Well, on Monday night when I got home, Roger told me that he was sitting on the couch and heard something that he had also heard a couple days before. He was pretty sure what it was, but kinda let it go. Then when he got home from Syd's track meet and started to walk in the door, he saw it! A little birdie had made her home on my wreath! How dare her LOL

It was quite a well put-together nest, too! Packed with lots of mud and stuff. I had to take the wreath down and clean the door real good, cause she had dripped mud everywhere. Now I just don't know what to do with it so it's still sitting on my porch rail. I really hate to pitch the wreath because it's so special to me, but I also know how nasty birds are. Who knows what I'll do. I do feel bad, though, for moving her home after she put so much work into it, but the last thing I need is for a bird to fly in my house when I open the door...that would NOT be good!

Will this week ever end???

Wow, has it ever been CRAZY! It's only Thursday which means I've still got another day to deal with. UGH! And a busy weekend to follow it, but that's okay because at least it's not work, right?

Track is over for Sydney this year. She had a really great season. The county meet was on Monday night and she got 3rd in the 1600 (mile). Her time was 6:23, which is her fastest ever! (First place was 6:17.) She wasn't really happy with third place, but I think she was okay with it when she realized what her time was! Our team actually took 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so that is just awesome. Her time in the 800 (1/2 mile) was down a little from the last meet so she didn't like that! We are so proud of her. And...her team was undefeated for the year AND won the County title! That rocks! That's 3 years in a row they've won County!

Sammie is LOVING tee ball! I've got some pictures to share in another post...maybe tomorrow! She has had 2 games so far and is doing very well. Still a little afraid of the ball, but she hits well and throws well so that's a start! She's supposed to have a game tonight, but I think it might get rained out. She will be so sad!

Speaking of rain, and just weather in general....what the heck is going on?????? It's May now...I wore a turtleneck to work yesterday and a sweater today. It's only supposed to be 62 degrees today with rain. I'm tired of rain. My yard is like a great big sponge. At this rate, we aren't going to be able to mow the grass until July. I need summertime weather. Lots of sunshine and temps in the 80's, please!

And, while I'm talking about things I don't like...these gas prices are RIDICULOUS! Hello, $3.95 for a gallon of gas? I just can't believe my eyes. I did hear on the radio today that some stations will be $4.19 next weekend for the race/ Memorial Day. Isn't that price gouging? (I'm sure I butchered the spelling there!), but seriously...isn't it??

Well, time to get back to work. I'll post some pictures later today. I've got some fun stuff to share!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is it "40" or is it STRESS????

I'm just not even sure which it is...probably a combination of both, I suppose! I am so tired and I just want to hide somewhere! I feel like I can't complete anything anymore...everything at work has been so busy and last minute that I always seem to be chasing my own tail. My house is a mess and I can't seem to get on top of it...that just wears me out. Laundry is never-ending, it seems. I'm so ready for some REAL spring and summer weather. Not this crazy crap where it's 80 one day and 36 the next...and the wind, someone please turn off the wind before I blow away. I want to find some time to scrapbook, but even my scrapbook room looks like a bomb went off. I have started organizing/cleaning it again, but it's a big job and just feels a little overwhelming right now so I tend to walk in, look around, put a few things away and walk back out. I think I need to just take a REAL day off work while Roger is working and the girls are at school and CLEAN THE HOUSE. Not check e-mail or voice mail for work, but really focus on getting my house in order. I know when that is done, I will feel better.

Okay, enough whining and complaining. Back to reality. Back to smiling and being "happy"! Back to your regularly scheduled life!


Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, my 40th birthday was just wonderful! Some friends/coworkers threw me a surprise party at lunch time. I can't believe I didn't catch on or no one let it slip!!!! Here are some pics of the big party!

So, here I am after I walk into the room and realize what is going on! And I start pointing fingers when I realize who all was involved in this whole thing! Sneaky, sneaky people!!!

And here are the absolutely delicious cakes! They were from Costco, and let me just tell you, I need a membership to that place because they have the YUMMIEST cakes ever! The first one was chocolate with some kind of cheesecake filling. It just melted in my mouth!!!
I don't know exactly what flavor this cake was, but it was delicious, too! It had a strawberry filling. My friend Sabika who is from Pakistan "tried" to decorate it with this gooey Hubba Bubba icky gel stuff, but Donna stopped her! LOL I don't know what these green things are that she ended up spelling "OVER THE HILL KIM" with, but Donna asked her if it was written in "Pakistani" language! Hehehe! Oh well, like I said, it sure tasted good...and yes, I had a piece of each kind because I wouldn't want one of the cakes to feel left out! There were two huge bokays of balloons along with some quite funny gifts! Now for some of the gifts... My favorite was definitely the Breast Suspenders! LOL I also got a headband that says "geezer crossing", slippers that say "over the hill", a constipation crisis kit, hot flash cooling mints, fanny floss, some glasses that made me a bit dizzy when I put them on, and the biggest laugh of all was the remote control fart machine! I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face. Sabika had the remote for it. She should never have control of something like that EVER again.

It was a really great party and I was definitely surprised! Thanks to all my friends who were a part of it!

The "Over The Hill Fairy" apparently visited my house to as I had a yard sign that said over the hill, too! LOL

When I got home, the girls, Roger and I went to Outback for dinner. It was soooo good!

I had a wonderful birthday and I'm proud to say I'm 40!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today's the day!!!

The BIG 4-0!!! Am I supposed to feel different? 'Cause I sure don't! A little tired today...a little stressed, but that's all job related so that has nothing to do with my age. I really hoped it wouldn't rain on my birthday, but, oh well....rain's not so bad, I suppose!

Got a pretty card from Sammie this morning, an e-card from a work friend, an e-mail from my brother, Lance and a special post on KatieJ's blog just for me! Those all sure made me smile! I think I'm gonna have to run out and buy a birthday cake, though, cause I have to have cake on my birthday. Maybe I'll go get cupcakes, instead! I know a great bakery where I can get them!

I did call my Mom last night to ask her what she remembered about the day I was born! She's a little forgetful, but she said she remembered being up walking the floor most of the night and Dad told her it wasn't time that she needed to go to bed! LOL I can so hear that conversation! She said she remembers polishing the older kids shoes...WTH? And she's pretty sure I was born during the day, but couldn't remember exactly what time! Then she reminded me that she had given me my birth certificate and that I should go get it and see what time it was. Yeah, I know where that thing is! LOL We'll just go with "daytime" and be happy about it! :o) I sent Mom flowers to work today, so hopefully that will bring a big smile to her face. She's not been feeling too good lately.

We're supposed to go to Sydney's county track meet tonight, but I have a feeling it may be cancelled. That was be a bummer...I've been looking forward to it! Guess I'll have to see what happens with all this rain before they make a decision.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I know that I certainly plan to!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Sydney ROCKS!!!!!!

Okay, so the day didn't start out so well. I was the nice Mom who told Syd I would take her to school so she'd have 10 more minutes to get ready. She was happy to hear that. Sammie still jumped on the bus because she was ready on time and she has a crush on Chuck who rides her bus! (he's an 8th grader!) LOL

Anywayyyyyy...I pull up to school to drop her off and lean over to give her a kiss goodbye just like ever other day and...well, she puts her hand up and says "Ummm...thanks but no thanks." I was in total shock, but I think she could see that I was also hurt. She jumped out of the car and said "But I love you, Mom." I couldn't utter a word, I was still in shock!

So, off I go to work. Going through my busy day, just minding my own business, and I get a text message about 1pm from Sydney... it says "Sry bout this mornin! ILY!" It made me smile. And she better never put her hand up to me again or I'll have to take her phone away so she can't send me anymore text apologies!!! to the part where she ROCKS! She had her last regular-season track meet tonight. Today at school they had the last part of their Presidential Fitness Test and it was the running part. The 13 year old girls had to run a mile in 8:15. Syd was 2nd in her class (a boy finished before her) with a time of 6:39, which was really great for her! I talked to her on the way to her meet and she said she hoped she would still have a good time in the 1600 (mile) at the meet. Well...she did! She got 2nd place with a time of 6:27.5!!!! Don't know for sure, but I bet that is her best time ever in that event! Then, she was so pumped up about her time she asked the coach if she could run in the 800 (half-mile) and she let her and she got 4th place (2nd for our team) with a time of 2:55.5!!! Another great time for her! She was very proud of herself and we were so proud of her, too! Her friend, Cheryl, ran the 1600 for the first time in a meet, and she did really well, too! I'm not completely sure what her time was, but she did great!

That's it for tonight! Tomorrow is Sammie's first tee ball game. Should be a fun night! At least I hope it is!

Thanks to my friend Dawn H. for the funny birthday card I got in the mail today! Made me LOL, for sure! Just you wait, missy, your turn is coming!!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pictures of the girls...

We were going to go mushroom hunting this afternoon and then decided not to. Instead, we went to the store and got stuff to cook on the grill and then came home to do just that. We
decided that we

better mow the grass while we had the chance this evening so Roger started out and then Syd took over so we could get the grill cleaned and ready to cook!

Here's a picture of Syd on the new mower. It's huge! She likes it, but can't wait for it to be warmer so she can get a good tan while mowing! LOL

And here's Sammie. She loves her hoopdaloop!! Don't you just love her outfit? She dressed herself! Quite the fashion statement with those rubber boots! LOL

Not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I really haven't accomplished a thing this weekend so I guess I need that daily routine in order to get anything done around here! I hope you all have a great week (I pretend a lot of people read my blog, but I really think KatieJ is about the only one who does! LOL). I plan to have a fantabulous week since I get to celebrate my 40th birthday on Thursday!!!! didn't work! I'll try again tomorrow to get them loaded and update this post!

Good Night!
*****ETA: Sorry, can't seem to get the pictures in the right place, but you get the point....and I get credit for coming back to add the pics....right??????****

Friday, May 2, 2008

What a zoo!!!!

Today was Sammie's kindergarten field trip. One of my most dreaded days. I don't like animals, I don't like most kids and I don't like stormy weather. Let's see...the animals were totally boring. Well, the ones that were there, anyway! LOL The kids were...well, kids! Actually, Sammie was really good. Bordering on GREAT! It never really stormed, but it rained off and on and the skies got really dark a few least it was warm!

I'll try and share pictures tomorrow...too tired tonight! I really didn't take too many, but I think I got at least a couple of cute ones of Sammie...and she tooks some good animal pictures.

Tomorrow is the tee ball jamboree. What fun.........NOT!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Less than a week....

until the big day! I'm getting kinda excited. Again, no big plans except for Syd's County Track Meet. I'm sad that it's the last meet of the year, though. I hope she does really great!

I've been getting some great birthday offers in the mail and e-mail. Thought I'd share some of them with you. Some of you may have received some of these, too, because some of them are "Mother's Day" offers!

1) Victoria's Secret birthday card with $10 gift card! Wonder what that will cost me! LOL (You know it's not possible to go in there and spend just $10...although Syd offered to take it off my hands cause she needs new eyeliner! LOL)

2) Flyer from JC Penney with $10 coupon. You don't even have to spend $20 to use it! They send these a few times a year, this one just happened to come around my birthday! LOL

3) Free bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works - don't even have to buy anything else!

4) Happy Birthday post card from Bass Pro Shops...they are so kind they're offering me Free Shipping on a $50 order....yeah, that one probably won't get used!

5) Kroger sent me a big ole envelope of coupons, but the top 4 were a free case of Kroger brand water, a free half-gallon of Private Selection (Kroger Brand) ice cream, a free clamshell of cherry tomatoes (ick!), and a free Ice Mountain water (doesn't say what size?). There's a bunch of other coupons, too, that are good deals...they track your shopping through your membership card and send you coupons specifically for the items/brands you buy!

6) Red Robin sent me an e-mail for a free burger...I have to use it by 5/15. I will definitely have a Banzai burger!!!

7) Kohl's sent me a coupon for 15% off an entire purchase.

8) The Hoosier Lottery sent me an e-mail coupon for a free scratch-off lottery ticket...I hope it's a big winner!!!!

There was something else I got in e-mail, too, but I can't remember what it was. I think I'm gonna try and use these all and take pictures of what I get so I can make a SB layout of my birthday freebies!! Free is good!!!!