Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still MORE February Birthdays!!!!

Once again, I don't have pictures to post for these birthdays, but hopefully I will get them soon and can update!
Let's see, my brother-in-law, Gary, turned 55 and my nephew, Topher (short for Christopher), turned 16 on Thursday (February 12th). Hope both of you gentlemen had a wonderful birthday!!
Then, today....Valentine's Day, my Father-in-Law, Homer is celebrating his 82nd birthday!!! (at least i think that's right!) WooHoo, Homie!!! LOL And, also, Roger's nephew's girlfriend, Michelle, is celebrating her birthday. Talk about a couple of Super Duper Valentine's!! Hope you are both having a great day, too!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Birthdays!!!! Three to be exact!!!

Well, in our family, February 8th appears to be a pretty birthday-ish day! LOL Well, okay, two of the people celebrating married into this crazy family of ours. My sister-in-law, Michelle (married to my oldest brother, Lance) was born on this day, and so was Brian, my niece Lacey's husband. I don't have pictures of either of them to post here...again, must take more pictures when the family gets together! I hope both of you had a wonderful day today!

And, this day 14 years ago, was when Roger and I became parents! Sydney was born at 12:51am (we're still trying to verify if that is the right time, but I'm just too lazy to dig out the baby book to confirm!). That 10 pound "bulldog" has sure evolved into a beautiful, smart, talented and very funny young woman. (And yes, she really weighed 10 pounds and really looked quite a bit like a bulldog! LOL). I remember holding our "little" bundle of joy and thinking to myself...there is NO WAY we are qualified to be parents! We learn something new every day and still question if we are doing things right!

We spent yesterday celebrating Sydney's birthday. We slept in until almost 10am, which is generally unheard of around here. That was a nice treat. We all got up and got ourselves ready and headed off to Castleton. We had to make a quick stop at Golfsmith for Roger to pick up something that his Dad needed, then we headed to Maggiano's for a late lunch. It was DELICIOUS. After eating we decided to check out The Fashion appropriate! Hehe. We bought Syd a pretty necklace that she picked out at Tiffany's. Sam got a few things at Gap Kids and we just kinda checked out all the stores there. It was a fun trip. After that we went to Castleton Square Mall and did a little more shopping...we actually closed down the Mall and couldn't get out the way we went in! LOL

Syd wanted to head to BW3's in Plainfield for a late dinner. We ate entirely too much food that was all really bad for us, but, man, it tasted good! We had quite a bit of fun playing the electronic trivia game there, also. Finally we headed home and arrived here just shortly before 12:51, so Syd made us stay up to welcome in her real birthday!

Today I made Syd a banana cake with cream cheese frosting (her FAVORITE!) and she and Roger actually got to play golf! Gotta love Indiana weather! Roger made fabulous steaks and potatoes on the grill for her birthday dinner. I hope it was a birthday she will always remember fondly.

This picture is Sydney and Sam at Maggiano's yesterday. We are so blessed!

Happy 14th Birthday, Sydney Lynn!! We love you very much!


Belated birthday posts

Okay, so I've got some birthdays that didn't get mentioned on my blog when they should have so this is gonna be a birthday "catch up" post!

This is my niece, Lacey! Her birthday was February 2nd and she turned 24 years old! This picture of her is close to a year old, so I guess I need to get with her and take a more recent picture!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Lacey! Love you!

February 2nd was also the birthday of one of my cyber-friends, BonkDawn (Dawn) who lives in Massachussets. Even though I've never met her personally, she is a dear and special friend to me!

February 4th was the birthday of another cyber-friend, Rowarrior (Katy). I actually have met her in person and she lives FAR FAR FAR away in Glasgow. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to meet her when she took a whirlwind tour of the US a couple years ago (has it really been that long????).

I should be ashamed of myself for not taking the time to post a happy birthday to my husband, Roger, who turned 43 back on January 24th! This is one of my favorite pictures of him and Sydney...aren't they so dang cute????

I think he had an okay birthday. He and Sydney got up early and went with his friend Rick to Castleton to Golfsmith and he got a new putter (Syd got a putter, another club, a hat and a shirt???? I think she forgot it was HIS birthday and not hers! LOL), then Sammie and I met them and we had dinner at Loon Lake Lodge. It was so yummy!

January 24th would have also been Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary. I knew it would be a hard day for mom, so Sammie and I decided to go visit her at work and take her some flowers. I included this poem with the flowers:

Mom's Anniversary

Mom, I celebrate with you today
The wonderful love you had
With the loved one you called husband
And the dear one I called Dad.

I know that it is hard for you
To celebrate this day
Without your sweetheart beside you
Since he was called away.

But know that he is with us
In everything we do
For he lives inside of my heart
And in the heart of you.

So many times I see his face
In the eyesight of my heart
And know that of my very being
He has a noble part.

So celebrate with me today
And I will celebrate with you
The goodness of the Lord above
For the husband He gave you.
~Thena Smith

I hope you know I love you and and wish you the happiest of days!!!!