Sunday, July 22, 2007

Syd's 4-H Scrapbooking Entry

15 Things I love right now....

KatieJ's blog challenge for last week was to blog about 15 things I love right now. So, here it goes....

1. My family. I don't just love them right now...I love them always! They are so important to me and I love them so much. They always make me laugh!! Here's a picture taken of them a couple weeks ago. I wish Roger's eyes weren't closed, but other than that, it's a great picture!

2. Scrapbooking. I've been having a lot of fun scrapbooking lately and trying a few new products and techniques. It's so fun to just try something and have it work out. Here's a recent layout I did:

3. My BFFs..Jeanne and Katie. I'm so glad we've been able to get together so much this year, and I hope we can still find some more time! If only Jeanne would move down here...we'd be inseparable!!!!
4. My house. It's not anything terribly special, but I really do love it. I've got a list of some things I'd like to do to change it, but honestly, I'm pretty darn happy with it as it is. Well, I wouldn't mind if it was a little cleaner! LOL
5. My Mom. She is just the best. She is one strong woman and she is just a good person. I wish I had her energy sometimes, and I also wish I could make her feel better. She's been struggling lately and it worries me. Oh well, she's off to Florida on Tuesday with one of her sister's to go see their other sister, so that will be good for her..but I'll miss her! I normally talk to my Mom at the very least once a day, but I don't want to bother her while she's have a sister's week, so I'll have to stay off the phone!
6. Fountain Diet Coke. I've not been getting my Diet Coke every day and it's killing me. Since I'm on this diet, I have to drink my water before I can have my Diet Coke....and I'm not always so good at that!
7. Heidi Swapp ghost letters. Yeah, this goes back to the scrapbooking. I just tried these for the first time and I love them! Very, very cool!
8. My Santa Fe - love this car! It's almost 3 years old, but it's still a lot of fun to drive. Need to do a serious cleaning, but oh well!
9. My new stove and refrigerator. I know it's silly to be in love with appliances, but I am. They are both just great!
10. Scrapbook Playground. Yep, I love a website. I'm goofy. But, I spend a lot of time there! It's usually the first site I check in the morning and the last one I check before I go to bed. There are some wonderful, talented ladies there and I've made some great friends.
11. Road trips! KatieJ is a great roadtrip buddy and she doesn't even mind when I drag my girls along! LOL Jeanne and I are supposed to take a little roadtrip the end of September to see Stephanie and walk/run in a 5K with her!
12. Playing the lottery. I'm an addict, I admit it. If only I could win!!!!
13. My friends. I've got GREAT friends. Jeanne, KatieJ, Stephanie, Heather, Donna, Stacey, Julie, Pam, Tonya, Keri, many great friends!
14. My job. Yeah, I complain about it sometimes, but I really do love what I do. How could I not? I just wish it wasn't so stressful sometimes!
15. Don't warm, fuzzy blanket that Alisa gave me for Christmas. I sleep with this thing EVERY night. Even when it's really hot outside. I love it!!
So, there ya have it. Fifteen things I love right now. There's more...but I'm out of numbers! LOL
Until next time....Hugs&Smiles!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Running a little behind...

on KatieJ's challenge for last week! Take a pic of myself and post it to my blog. And a layout of that pic. UGH. So, here's the picture...

Maybe I'll try the layout today. Who knows!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Trying again to post my layout! Apparently I didn't agree to terms or something like that! LOL Don't they know I never read the details! LOL

Showdown at the Playground

My BFF KatieJ (her blog is listed to the right!) is now issuing a weekly blog challenge at to get all of us to be better bloggers! Well, this week's challenge was to Post about what's going on in our life right now, so here goes....

I'm in a contest at called Showdown at the Playground. This is round 3 and we will be going from 15 participants to 10. Here is the layout that I have entered this week:

If you'd like to stop by and vote, please visit this link:

Sydney was quite proud that I posted a picture of her on the toilet on the internet for the whole world to see! LOL

Other things going on this past week? Well, I finally got my SB room cleaned up and pretty well organized. I only worked on Tuesday, which was nice. I spent Thursday and Friday with Sydney and Sammie...and Friday we were at the pool! It was fun to take them to swimming lessons on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and watch them. (BTW, yes, Sydney knows how to swim...this is probably her 8th year in swim lessons! LOL She just loves to be in the water!!). On Friday Sammie jumped off the diving board SEVERAL times! She loved it! She also jumped off the diving board at the pool on Friday afternoon, but panicked a little bit and have to be saved! LOL She was treading water and keeping her head up, she just wasn't moving! LOL

That's about it! Nothing else too fun going on right now!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday 7 - 7 Things I love about KatieJ!!!

In honor of my BFF KatieJ's birthday!!!

!. She loves to act crazy and make me laugh!!
2. How she always tells me "Don't be jealous of this!"
3. She's a great roadtrip buddy!
4. She chats online with me all the time!
5. She inspires me and taught me how to "embrace it"!
6. Her tongue (If you know KatieJ, you'll totally get this one!!)
7. She's a very dear, special, loyal friend!

Love ya, KatieJ! Hope the cupcakes are yummy and that Jay takes good care of you all day!

Oh, heck...gotta add a #8 - Her love of the Gorillapod!!!

And, maybe someday she'll teach me to add photos to my blog!!!