Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh what a night!!!!!!

Well, Saturday afternoon, night and into the wee hours of Sunday morning was a complete blast! I got to go with my friends Donna and Sheryl to Lucas Oil Stadium for the most awesome concert EVER!!!!

We missed the first act - Brother Trouble - because we had just gotten into the stadium and had to have a margarita before we headed to our seat. They only played 15 minutes, so I don't think we missed too much! :o)

When we got ot our seats, we met the cutest couple (although they are best friends...not a couple! LOL). We had fun singing and dancing with them all night! Ben and Hannah...you guys rock!

This is Donna...once she figured out they had opened the roof of the stadium, she was quite "happy"! (I'm sure the margarita helped, too!)
This is Donna, Sheryl and I. We really had a great time!
And this....this is my man Keith! Isn't he hot!!!!!
Oh look...there he is again!!!!!
and this was when he was singing to me!!! (In my dreams, LOL)
And then there was Kenny! I never really had any desire to see Kenny in concert, but let me tell you...I'm a big fan now!!! The man puts on a show! He's still a little short for my taste, but he's a cutie! And just seems like a generally nice guy...he even brought his Mom on stage!!
Kenny sure knows how to put together a tour! This concert happened to be the last night of the Pirates and Poets tour. It opened at 4pm with a group called Brother Trouble. They were followed by Luke Bryan (who just happened to be pretty cute!). Then came Garry Allan. This was my second time seeing him and I really enjoyed it! That guy can SING!!!! Then was LeAnn Rimes. She was pretty good also. Loved the green dress she wore, but she need to brush her hair! LOL Her voice sounded great, despite the fact that she had cancelled the previous two nights due to tonsilitis. After LeAnn finished out came Keith. Oh my gosh....it was just wonderful. He seemed to really enjoy himself and the crowd just LOVED him! I wish he could have played longer! Then Kenny came on the screen and introduced his road crew as the "Mostly Crue" and they came out and played 3 songs. I can't remember the first one, the second one was Helter Skelter and finally they played Rock & Roll all night (KISS) and it was soooo rockin'!!! They were quite an interesting group and not a pretty bunch, but they sounded pretty dang good! I loved it! Then came Kenny. He had a lot of energy and sounded great. Everyone loved him, too! Beach balls were floating throughout the crowd and it was definitely a huge party. Kenny was scheduled to stop playing at 11:05, but shortly before that Uncle Kracker came out on the stage and sang When the Sun Goes Down with Kenny. Then he sang Follow Me...one of my FAVORITE songs ever...then he and Kenny sang Cowboy by Kid Rock....That was FUN! After that Luke Bryan came out and sang a song with Kenny and then Keith did, too, then it just turned into a huge party. They finally ended at about 12:10pm! I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Would Have been

32 today! I wish you were still here so we could celebrate! I miss you!