Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Candy corn..... 1 hour and 30 minutes, I officially made it through the entire month of October without one single piece of candy corn making it into my mouth!!! It was tough, I LOVE it. But I can't stop with just a turns into a bagful...and not the small bag...the big FAMILY sized one. Except, I won't share it with my family. They don't like it anyway. Did I mention I love it? Cause I do. I picked up the bags several times throughout the month when I would see it in the stores. I even held it close to my nose so I could smell the sweetness. But I never bought a bag...and I never ate one single piece!

Now it's going to go on clearance...because October is over. Will I still be able to resist?????

(this randomness brought to you courtesy of KatieJ's weekly blog challenge...she said "post something random"...couldn't think of anything more random than my love of candy corn!)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've been TAGGED....great!

Well, in an ever-pressing effort to keep me posting to my blog, Katie has tagged me. I have to tell you where I was/what I was doing 10/20/30 years ago. I’m not even sure I remember, but I’ll try!

10 years ago…..Roger and I had been married for 10 years and we had been parents for almost 2 years. I was working at my same job. Our house was only about 3 years old at that time. We were still learning a lot about being parents and being “grown ups”! That’s really all I can remember!

20 years ago…I was still a “Renihan”…but only about 10 days away from becoming a “Shrum”. I worked at Park Fletcher as the receptionist. I lived at home with my parents and my youngest brother who were preparing to move to Alabama with my Dad’s job (Chrysler). I was pretty much a spoiled brat (some things never change!), and somehow my Mom just took care of everything with the wedding. I was way too young to understand how much work a wedding really was…I just knew what I wanted and that everything had to be perfect! Thank goodness I was Daddy’s little girl!

30 years ago…I was almost 10 years old. We had moved to the ‘country’ just a couple years before that and life was pretty good! I spent a lot of time playing in the ‘caves’, fishing and swimming in the lake and just running the neighborhood with my best friend Tammy. Danny and Jason (my brother and nephew) were just little guys and I spent a lot of time helping Mom with them so she and Aunt Lois and Aunt Mary Jane could play Yahtzee! Life was so simple back then!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Just a quick post...

I'm still here! Still kicking! Just can't seem to get anything done anymore. Work is crazy, everything at home is crazy, life in general is just crazy! Luckily, we are all healthy and happy most days, I just wish there was a magic wand to clean the house and get my work all caught up and just take care of stuff so I could just hang out with the family and find some time to scrapbook! Oh well....I'll just keep wishin'!