Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve in the Shrum home....

Merry Christmas friends and family! It’s almost 9:30pm on Christmas Eve. We just finished a yummy dinner of Papa Murphy’s pizza and we’re watching the Simpson’s movie! Very non-traditional Christmas Eve around here!

Poor Roger had to work today. I hated that! Sammie and I made a trip to WalMart this morning to pick up some last minute groceries, and also ran quickly into Kroger to get steaks for Christmas dinner with Roger’s family. That’s gonna be YUM!!! Big, thick, mouth-watering bone-in ribeyes!!! After we got home we walked over to the neighbors to take Hannah, Gwen and Jacob their gifts…and a bottle of wine for Michelle! Roger got home from work early, which was a nice surprise! The girls decorated some sugar cookies, and so far that’s pretty much the extent of our Christmas baking…well, except some failed pretzel/white chocolate/M&M thingies I left in the oven too long!

We all took a quick drive down to the Westell’s for a quick visit and to drop off some presents. It was nice to visit with them for a bit, too!

Santa has delivered our Christmas PJ’s and the girls have opened their presents to each other. Hopefully they’ll go to bed soon so I can get these presents wrapped and get to bed myself!

I hope Santa delivers nice surprises to all of you!!!

Merry Christmas, one and all!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

All I want for Christmas is.....

A clean house!!!

And my SIL, being the kind, sweet person that she is came over Friday and got me going in the right direction! While I was at work a sweet elf came and did some MAJOR tidying up around here. Things had gotten out of control over the past few weeks and this house was a mess.

I don't know how long she spent here, but I'll tell you, when I walked in the door from work on Friday, I just felt this HUGE weight disapper from my shoulders!

Love you, Dona! You really are an angel!!!!