Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Month Gone....

Wow, I just can't believe that May is over after today. It went SO fast. We're already almost half way through this entire year. Holy cow!!

Sydney finished 6th grade yesterday. That doesn't seem possible to me. She had a great year and has lots of awards to prove it! She received 4 All "A" awards (she maintained A's throughout the entire school year, again this year!), she also received the GT Math Award, the Language Award, Citizenship Award and the Presidential Fitness Award (She was one of only 3 in the 6th grade who earned this!!..Several received the National Fitness Award).

Sammie is enjoying the warm/hot weather and would love to be swimming all day, every day! Her BFF Kenzie broke her arm on Sunday, so she's been in a little tizzy over that! She's happy to be finished with preschool and excited to start kindergarten! She asks me every day if TOMORROW is the day she goes to kindergarten! LOL She still can't seem to grasp the whole yesterday/tomorrow thing! Oh..and a big accomplishment for her this month...she now knows her address and phone number, including area code! That's no small feat when you realize we live in the country and have a super long address! She already knew our phone number, but now knows to put the area code with it!

We're looking forward to lots of fun in June. We're visiting a Dairy Farm, going to Holiday World, Syd's going to camp, Roger's going to a PGA tournament and is also golfing in an annual golf outing that always proves to be a lot of fun. Oh, and I've got a scrapbook retreat! YAY!

Until next month......


Monday, May 21, 2007


I hate it. I really do! But I want to love it...really! I remember when Syd started running cross country in 5th grade...she HATED it. Really hated it. Through the entire season. She really improved, though, and she is my inspiration. I can do it. I think. I hope. We'll see! Tonight we went to the track at school as soon as we got home. It was hot...really hot (88 degrees!), but I was determined to get at least a little bit of running in. Syd and one of her teammates, Shelby, took off to run the 2-1/2 mile 'town' course. I made sure I stretched out real good..don't wanna hurt this old body of mine! Then I alternated running and walking 1/4 mile laps. All together, I ran 3/4 of a mile and walked a mile. Not terrible for an old lady! ;o) Tomorrow is going to be a walking night. I'll probably walk to the "T" and back, which is just over 2 miles! So, anyway...I hate running...but I'm gonna learn to love it...just you wait and see!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Indiana State Museum

Roger had to go do a little work at CPI today, and after he finished up, we decided to take a trip to the Indiana State Museum. Of course, I hadn't brought my camera along. :o( Anyway, we had a great time learning all about the history of Indiana, as well as seeing lots of cool artifacts. Syd and I had been there on her 4th grade field trip, but today was SO much more fun! I bet there weren't 20 people total there, including the 4 of us. was even a pretty cheap adventure! I think it was $7 each for Roger and I, and $4 each for the girls. We also took a short walk along the canal and let me just tell was a gorgeous day! After that we headed to Red Lobster for some dinner (Sammie's choice!), and it was pretty good, too.

Soooo...back to the grind tomorrow. The dreaded Monday. :o( I'll survive, I suppose. Got a pretty large event in the morning, so that will make the day go quickly. No real plans this week for the evenings, so maybe I can get some more stuff done around this house and get some running in!

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Weekend!!

I'm so glad the weekend is finally here! Work was CRAZY last week. My co-worker was on vacation and I was filling in for her. You realize, when someone is gone and you are doing their job, that you aren't the only person who is busy all time!

Sammie's preschool graduation was last night and it was SO cute!! She was so proud of herself and just couldn't quit smiling. She had a lot of fun singing the songs and reciting the 10 Commandments (kid-style!), and was more than thrilled with the Bible she got from her teachers.

Today, I've been in a little of a cleaning frenzy. This house has been a pit for so long and I just can't stand it. The living room is done, the kitchen is almost done, Syd has her room finished except for dusting and vacuuming and she will be cleaning the front bathroom after her bedroom and bathroom still need serious attention, as does the entire upstairs. We'll see how far I get. I do have a yummy dinner planned, and need to get it prepped so we won't be eating at 9pm (like we have 3 times this week!)

I'd also like to get out and run today...I promised myself I would start no later than Monday, but if I can get the time today it would make me really happy!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday??? YUCK!!!

I can't believe it's Monday again already. I had a nice weekend, though, so that always makes Monday seem like such a downer! Saturday I spent the day with my Mom. We had a great breakfast, she bought a bedroom suit, I test drove a new car (that I can't get right now, but will SOMEDAY!), we bought some flowers, had ice cream and just really enjoyed the day! Sunday we slept in until about 9, which was AWESOME!!! Then we got ready and went to Indy. Roger had to do a little work. After he was done we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch and it was really good! Made a trip to WalMart to get the oil changed, then went to Lowe's to look at patio furniture. They don't have a very good selection this year. :o( We did find some new appliances, though, and might just get them!! After that we went to Dairy Queen (and as much as I love Kit Kat's, I don't recommend the Kit Kat was only so/so!). Went home and kinda relaxed until the Survivor Finale came on. I'm glad to see it come to an I don't have to worry about being home to see it or remembering to tape it!! I'm glad Earl won...he was my second choice behind Yauman.

I thought we were going to have a quiet week this week, but it looks like tonight is our only free night. Tuesday Syd has 4-H, Wednesday I am hosting a Lia Sophia party, Thursday we have Syd's sports banquet and Friday is Sammie's preschool graduation! I'm already looking forward to next weekend!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sick kiddo...

Well, got a sick chicklet in the house. Sydney has strep throat. She was terribly disappointed to miss her final track meet of the season, which also happened to be the County Championship. She suffered through school all day, and even rode the team bus to the meet, but as soon as I got there, she was ready to leave...and she looked like she felt so bad. She was also burning up with a fever. Poor girl. Took her to a Prompt Care facility and the doctor said no school tomorrow and 10 days worth of antibiotics should fix her all up! She's bummed about missing school tomorrow, though.

Other than that, not too much excitement in my life right now. Work is busy, the house needs some serious attention, I need to make an over-due trip to the grocery store, need to get my oil changed in my car and get new brake pads, and would love to just have some time to clean and organize my scrapbook room and actually do some scrapbooking! Someday......

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Okay, I did it!!!! Now what????

I decided for my 39th birthday, I'd create a blog. Nothing fancy, just a place to share my thoughts, my silly stories and ideas, an occasional vent and maybe even some of my scrapbook fun!