Monday, November 2, 2009

The Cutest Cowgirl - Halloween 2009

I don't know what you think, but I know that *I* definitely think she is the CUTEST COWGIRL!! Sammie told me early in the year that she wanted to be a cowgirl for Halloween and...for once in my life...I didn't totally procrastinate! I found the skirt, shirt, hat and boots at Gymboree and just couldn't resist. Thanks heavens for sales!
On Friday night we went to the town square in Greencastle to trick-or-treat at all of the businesses. It was windy and raining off and on, but we still had fun! As we were leaving there and heading to the State Police Post in Putnamville, Sammie said to me "Mom, everyone said I was the cutest cowgirl and you know why?...because I AM!!" I grinned at her and said..."Or, maybe they said that because that's what it says on your shirt!" Her reaction was priceless...she looked down at her shirt and hit herself in the head like an "I COULD HAVE HAD A V-8" moment! LOL It was soooo funny!
She really enjoyed going to the Police Post and seeing all the officers and their cars and motorcycles. She especially liked the very sharp (and very unmarked!!!) silver Mustang! We also stopped by to see Grandma, who has been sick. Sammie was excited that she was handing out small bags of pretzels and opened them and ate them right then and there! :o)
On Saturday, we stopped by to see a few friends, stopped at the Bank and at Grandpa and Aunt Dona's house (where Aunt Dona always leaves YUMMY treats!). Sydney went along with us to sell cookie dough for her basketball fundraiser, too. Then we went by the house and picked up Roger and went to BW3's for dinner!
Another Halloween has come and gone and all Sammie can talk about is her upcoming birthday on Veteran's Day (November 11th). She will be 8 and is super excited that she won't have to sit in a car seat anymore! They grow up so fast!


Katie said...

how is Sammie almost 8 seems like just the other day she was sitting non-stop.

dona said...

She IS the Cutest Cowgirl!

Jodie said...

How absolutely adorable is she!! Love the pink and brown.

Anonymous said...

I agree - she IS the cutest cowgirl!


Anonymous said...

I love me some Sammie! She is just too cute. I will have to show her future husband the pictures of her!