Friday, September 18, 2009

These girls ROCK!!!!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The Lady Clovers Golf Team had a great night on Tuesday in their match against West Vigo. They broke the school record and were so excited about that! The school record was 189. Twice this season they have shot 190 and twice they shot 191. We knew if they could ever all pull it together on one night they could break it. Well, they kinda SHATTERED it by shooting 179!!! Elizabeth had an awesome round and shot 40!! I know she was just thrilled. Syd shot 46 and was happy with that.

Then came Thursday night and the County Match. Once again, the girls pulled it together and had a good round...and once again, they broke the record!!! They shot 176!!! They won county by 14 strokes!! Our school has never won County for girls golf!!! Victoria had a great night and shot a 40! She was just BEAMING with pride! Syd had her best round in a match this year and shot a 44. She parred her first hole and then got a bogey on each of the next 8. And she even hit one in the water!! It was so much fun to watch her. I could see her really focusing and thinking about each and every shot.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Sectionals! We're hoping they can qualify for Regionals as a team. There are a few REALLY awesome teams in our Sectionals, but our team is the MOST AWESOME!!



Sorry...can't get the picture to upload! I'll try again tomorrow!